Thursday, February 08, 2007


Just Born!


Yummy cereal

A friend at church just had her baby. They showed the pic of them in the hospital with the new baby and it made me sad. Just a few weeks ago another friend at church had a baby and Ryan is now no longer the youngest baby at church. He is getting so big!! I think it makes me depressed how fast they grow. I look at pictures from the hospital with Ryan and think how new everything was. This baby I have never seen is now mine to care for. Now I look at him and it is Ryan. My Ryan. Although now he has a personality. He laughs and reaches for things, we even gave him some rice cereal. He is becoming my big boy. I know that in about two more months you will be reading the same thing again but I guess it's a mothers prerogative. Look how fast they grow.

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Aunt Linda said...

Yeah, think of how you feel when your "baby" turns 32!!!

Aunt Linda