Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This poor child

I've never blogged before and I never really cared until I became extremely bored on maternity leave. I think this baby will never come out. He moves all the time but there is no room for him to move. Does anyone besides me see this as a problem? Boy, does it hurt. The doctor told me he would probably come a week early. All that is doing is getting my hopes up. Unfortunately I have to remind myself every morning that I am still pregnant.

The whole name thing is also getting to me. Our baby is still nameless!! No wonder he doesn't want to come out. His parents can't even decide on a name let alone make daily decisions for him. Tim and I thought we would wait until we meet him to pick from our top three names. What if we see him and he looks like a different name to each of us? This poor child.


Tim - your husband said...

Poor child? Poor you. As far as naming him, as long as his first name isn't f***ing, I think we will be good! But if he stays in any longer, that may be in jeopardy. I love you and I don't think you are a dork.

Megan said...

I never said I was a dork thank you!!

Rachel said...

Funny - I thought you guys had a name and just didn't want to tell anyone! You could do a poll on your blog and everyone could vote for their favorite! Anyways - I like the blog, Megan. You better keep it up!

Aunt Linda said...

Hey Mego,

Who needs a name anyways. We'll just call him "it" and love him lots and lots. Glad I didn't come down, as today would have been D-day for you to have that baby!!!! I guess I will have to wait to meet him in person on Thanksgiving! In fact I will be meeting two new nephews on that day!!! But you all better post pictures immediately!!!Enjoy your boredom, as it is all going to end soon and you will be wishing you could say you were bored. I love you! Keep up the blogging so I know what is going on! See, I was as bored as you!!!