Friday, September 15, 2006

The final stretch

Well, there is not much new stuff happening here. We are still waiting for our little one to make an appearance. Not only are friends and family calling to see if we've had the baby yet but now the nurse is calling wanting the same info. I guess the baby is letting us know early on that he is the one that sets the schedule. This is only true though until Monday. It is looking like Monday is the day we give up on baby coming on his own and we force him out! Although Tim and I are looking forward to our new addition it's a little scary and overwhelming. We have such a good time with each other and enjoy each others company so much. It will be weird to get used to having a baby around that we have to take care of.

We are so excited for our good friends Chad and Kylie. Kylie started down the road to motherhood last night and is beginning to realize the road starts long. She was induced last night and when I talked to her this morning at about 9am she was almost 2 cm dilated. The poor girl already sounds exhausted. Let's all keep her in our prayers.

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